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Craft it’s IN again!

LABONA Premium Craft beer for true beer lovers

Labona is a new brewery in Labin, founded in 2021 by a group of youthful enthusiasts who had been crafting homemade beer for their own pleasure for years. We wish to share our expertise with as many people as possible through our products, and pass on our beliefs and philosophy about brewing and enjoying beer.

There are no additions, surrogates, flavors, colors, or additives in any of our products. They are unfiltered and unpasteurized, which guarantees quality and fullness of taste that calls for another glass.

It’s important to note that we make Labona beer with the same care, enthusiasm, and passion as if it was produced for us personally, and we want you to enjoy the new beer experience with us.


Strong IPA with a golden amber color and a white stable foam. This beer is a flavor explosion, with a big body and intense bitterness. Tropical fruit aromas, dominated by grapefruit, pine, nutmeg, and floral notes, match beautifully with extremely spicy dishes, fried foods, seafood, burgers, and various chocolate desserts. .


Blonde is a medium-bodied beer with light bitterness and an excellent balance between that bitterness and sweetness. It has a golden yellow color and a long-lasting thin white foam. Bread notes with aromas of acacia honey and marzipan will additionally spice up lighter dishes such as various pastas, light salads, chicken dishes, and cottage cheese.


Apa has a balanced body with pleasant bitterness, easily identified by its straw-yellow color. It is embellished with a long-lasting solid white foam. The main advantages of this beer are the aroma of floral honey and the light refreshing notes of pineapple and tropical fruits. It’s a perfect match for hamburgers, steaks, spicy salads, semi-hard cheeses, and fruit desserts.


Porter is a dark chestnut-colored beer with attractive brown foam. Dark caramel, licorice, and luscious red apples are the dominant flavors. The particular fried types of malt used in production of this beer highlight the beer’smiddle body and medium-strong bitterness. In its current form, it pairs well with meat or deer stews, soft cheeses with noble mold, chocolate desserts, and ice cream.
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